Advances and Scientific Merits in Earth Science and Geology

February 10-12, 2020 | Alberta, Canada


Dr. Rifaat Abdalla

Sultan Qaboos University

Dr. Rifaat Abdalla is specialized in GeoInformatics with focus on WebGIS and Remote Sensing Applications for Disaster Management. He is a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) and Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) from Ontario, Canada. His research interests include Hydrography and Marine Applications for GIS; Modeling and Simulation; Mobile Handheld GIS Visualization; and Disaster Management and Emergency Response Mapping.

Dr. Alexander Trofimov

International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmoplanetary Anthropoecology

Dr. Alexander Trofimov General Director and Chief of Scientific Council of International Scientific Research Institute of Cosmoplanetary Anthropoecology (ISRICA).He wrote more than 300 scientific works, 7 monographs and received 9 patents. His basic research interests are in heliobiology, cosmic anthropoecology, geoecology, geophysics, helioclimatopathology and investigation of water as a helioprotective mean.

Dr. Abhijit Mitra

University of Calcutta
West Bengal, India

Dr. Abhijit Mitra faculty member, Dept. of Marine Science, University of Calcutta & Director of Research, Techno India University, Kolkata. He has to his credit about 525 scientific publications in various National and International journals, and 36 books of postgraduate standards. He is presently the member of several committees like PACON International, IUCN, SIOS etc. and has successfully completed about 16 projects on biodiversity loss in fishery sector etc.

Dr. Colin Clark

Charldon Hill Research Station
England, UK

Dr. Colin Clark has over 25+ papers and reports, 4 parameter model for rainfall frequency, trop.deforestation & climatic change. He has been advisory editor to 8-9 scientific journals and is in charge of Charldon Hill Research Station in Somerset. Having received achievements for his works on flood hydr.of R.Brue; expert witness at Porlock Relief Road Inquiry. As well as memberships of F.RMS, BHS. He was a recipient of awards such as Rodwell Mem.Geog.Prize, Best Paper Prize (FEC) 1992.

Dr. Julius Kajoh Boyah

Research Unit of Applied Botany,
University of Dschang, Cameroon

Dr. Julius Kajoh Boyah is an Eco- physiologist and a researcher in the Research Unit of Applied Botany. His research interests includes phyto purification of domestic wastewater using wetland plants of medicinal importance. His research extends to phytopharmacological potentials of wetland medicinal macrophytes domesticated in domestic wastewater. As a member of the Cameroon Forum for Biological Sciences.

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